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Re: node-websocket_1.0.19-2~bpo8+1_amd64.changes REJECTED

On 29/09/15 20:25, Alexander Wirt wrote:
> On Tue, 29 Sep 2015, Daniel Pocock wrote:
>> On 29/09/15 20:13, Alexander Wirt wrote:
>>> On Tue, 29 Sep 2015, Daniel Pocock wrote:
>>>> On 29/09/15 18:01, Alexander Wirt wrote:
>>>>> Package not in testing
>>>> The version in testing had to be updated to 1.0.22 to work with node-nan
>>>> 2.0.x.  It is not clear if that dependency will be placed in
>>>> debian-packports
>>>> node-websocket versions <= 1.0.21 work with the node-nan version
>>>> currently in jessie
>>>> Please confirm I can upload this again and potentially upload 1.0.21
>>>> even though testing will carry a newer version.
>>> no. we had this several times. Such packages will not be accepted within bpo. 
>> What about 1.0.19-1 that has been in testing for a while?  Can I upload
>> a 1.0.19-1~bpo8+1 build to jessie-backports even though a newer version
>> is now in unstable?
>> Jérémy, is there any problem with putting node-nan 2.0.x into
>> jessie-backports?  Should I go ahead and upload it, should it be
>> avoided, or does it need some discussion?
> we (ftpmasters) expect you to update packages in bpo regulary during the
> whole lifetime of a suite, if you are not able to do that, the package is not
> suitable for bpo.

Some of the node-* packages change quite frequently and I don't
personally have time to test every one of them every time they release
and backport them too.

When I update JSCommunicator, as upstream developer, I test with a set
of dependencies, including JsSIP and its dependencies, and everything
that I've tested and validated is then uploaded to Debian (both unstable
and eventually backports).  This involves testing standalone
JSCommunicator, testing DruCall, testing on rtc.debian.org and testing
each major browser on Linux and Android.  It is not feasible for me to
repeat all of that every time a node-* package changes though.

I've uploaded a 1.0.19-1~bpo8+1 build corresponding to the version in
testing, 1.0.19-1, this will work with the other packages that have
already been accepted into jessie-backports yesterday.



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