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Re: I screwed up, how do I recover?


Andrew Pollock <apollock@debian.org> (2015-09-24):
> I accidentally built grpc against unstable. So I built
> grpc against stable and uploaded it.
> Rereading http://backports.debian.org/Contribute/ it looks like that's not
> what I should have done, and it may explain why a day later
> hasn't hit the buildds or anything.
> How should I fix this?

The .changes looks correct to me, and your package got accepted:
| kibi@franck:~$ grep grpc_0.11.0.0-1~bpo8+2_amd64.changes /srv/ftp-master.debian.org/log/current
| 20150922213919|process-upload|dak|Processing changes file|grpc_0.11.0.0-1~bpo8+2_amd64.changes
| 20150922213922|process-upload|dak|ACCEPT|grpc_0.11.0.0-1~bpo8+2_amd64.changes
| kibi@franck:~$ dak ls grpc|grep jessie
| grpc       | | jessie-backports        | source
| grpc       | | buildd-jessie-backports | source
| grpc       | | jessie-backports        | source

I'm not sure why it's not seen by buildds/wanna-build according to [1]
so I'm cc-ing debian-wb-team@ to get their input.

 1. https://buildd.debian.org/status/package.php?p=grpc&suite=jessie-backports


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