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minor problem with pdns-backend-remote

Package: pdns-backend-remote
Version: 3.4.6-1~bpo8+1

I have PowerDNS set up with backend-remote (only) pointed to a REST service.
there is NO sql backend installed.


the REST service returns simple JSON which may include the MX record in this format:
{ qtype: 'MX', qname: 'example.com', content: '10 mx1.example.com.', ttl: 60 }

Expected result:
$ dig +short MX example.com @
10 mx1.example.com.

Actual result:
$ dig +short MX example.com @

however, if i change the MX record to list priority separate, like this:
{ qtype: 'MX', qname: 'example.com', content: 'mx1.example.com.', priority: 10, ttl: 60 }

then i will get the expected result.

the problem i have with this solution is that it appears to be contrary to the documentation
which states:
3.4.1 to 3.4.2
Warning: priority is no longer part of records in the API. content now includes the backend's priority field (see API Spec for details).

i am going to finish this with a question:
is this bug/inconsistency in pdns itself or was it compiled wrong, or am i doing something wrong?

System is a virtualbox VM running Jessie with backports for only pdns-server and pdns-backend-remote.


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