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Virtualbox kernel module incompatabilities

Hello all, 
I just thought i would bring it to this issue to your attention, and hope im not wasting anyone's time by 
reporting it. Im also sorry if i do not have enough information in this email.

I am running Debian 8.

	A week ago i installed the linux kernel and headers from the backport repo, which if i remember correctly is version 4.1.3.
	So, a couple days ago i went to open Virtualbox which i believe is version 4.3.18, and it gave me the following error.

> kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908)

Here is a screenshot of the error.


	I made sure that i had DKMS installed, and i even deleted my VMs amd reinstalled Virtualbox to no avail.

In the end i ended up installing the 5.0.4 version of Virtualbox for Debian Jessie from the Virtualbox website, and that installed ok and has been running fine without errors.

Thank you for your time,

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