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jabberd2 in jessie-backports


I have prepared jabberd2 for jessie-backports and have uploaded it to


Packaging is also available via git:

I built the package like this:
gbp buildpackage --git-pbuilder --git-pbuilder-options=--twice --git-debian-branch=jessie-backports --git-dist=jessie

It is based on the version that just entered testing.  No bpo-specific
changes at all.

Would you like to review and upload?

I'm still waiting for my backports ACL to do uploads on my own, but for
my first uploads, I would appreciate review so I understand the process.

As you can see from mentors, there is a lintian
backports-changes-missing warning related to -v and I'm not sure how to
deal with this.  Reading http://backports.debian.org/Contribute/ says:

   Include all changelog entries since the last version on
   debian-backports or since stable if it's the first version. You
   should do this by passing "-v" to dpkg-buildpackage. Eg: "debuild
   -v0.7.5-2", where "0.7.5-2" is the version in stable. If the package
   wasn't in stable or backports before you don't have include the
   changelog entrys (but you are free to do so).

However, jabberd2 is not in stable nor debian-backports.  What should be
done in that case?  It doesn't say, so I didn't do anything.


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