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libtorrent-rasterbar backport to wheezy

Hi all,
I was looking for a more recent version of qbittorrent in wheezy so I decided to make a backport from jessie (3.1.10). Although it might build with the wheezy version of libtorrent-rasterbar (0.15.10), I found that qbittorent is more stable with a more recent one, so I started with the backport of libtorrent-rasterbar 0.16.18. No changes were required, I just updated the changelog and rebuilt with pbuilder.

I uploaded the package 'libtorrent-rasterbar' to mentors.debian.net at the following URL:

The respective dsc file can be found at:

So I'm kindly asking anyone interested for review and upload to backports.
Once it gets to the archive, I have the qbittorrent backport ready to be submitted.

Thank you all


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