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Re: Missing easy-rsa package

On Sat, Dec 20, 2014 at 09:18:21AM -0800, Rodney wrote:
> On 20/12/14 04:47 AM, Reinis Ivanovs wrote:
> >The Debian Wiki guide I linked to doesn't work without easy-rsa, and
> >basically every guide I've seen for configuring openvpn with TLS relies
> >on easy-rsa, so a very common use case for openvpn isn't possible
> >without the easy-rsa package, so it should be fair to say that the
> >openvpn package is not fully usable without the easy-rsa package.
> >Moreover, following strict security practices isn't always necessary, so
> >I'm not sure why it needed to be brought up. I'm not setting up openvpn
> >for an organization, just for myself and a quick test, so it's not
> >relevant where the CA is. Finally, it's rather clear that you're
> >replying to keywords and not the meaning of the message, which is more
> >consistent with skimming or scanning, not reading. Declaring that the
> >discussion is over is also a nice touch. All in all, it's been a very
> >pleasant experience to take the time and try and report a problem with
> >using backports.
> I'm not sure how familiar you are with Debian backports so I will offer
> this.. Perhaps you would have more chance to get satisfaction if you took up
> the issue with the maintainer of the package you want to be able to use
> rather than with the FTPMaster of the backports repository. It has probably
> been frustrating for you not being able to do the test you wanted but, until
> now, no one knew what you were trying so the security advice offered by the
> FTPMaster did seem appropriate to me.

Yep, the maintainer will try to upload easy-rsa to backports ASAP in
order to end this hassle to its users. I was notified some time ago,
but didn't find the time to do it (ok, it takes less that 30 min...).
And, as someone pointed in this thread already, all you have to do is
copy the easy-rsa directory from any other installation/system, not that


Alberto (lazy easy-rsa maintainer)

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