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Re: Failure to install xombrero on Wheezy due to unmet dependencies.

Thanks for the responses.  I apologize for the delay getting back to you, busy with other things.  Hopefully this email will not create a new thread, as I hadn't yet subscribed to the list at the time I sent the original email or by the time it was responded to.

As an FYI, my normal package manager is synaptic, and /etc/apt/sources.list does have an entry for backports.  Using synaptic is where I initially encountered this issue.  I had also tried apt-get via the command line with the same results.  After reading both replies(Andrei and Salman) to my original email, I'm surprised I hadn't run into this issue before.  I believe I may have once before with a small package, but at the time I didn't really need it and was distracted by something else so I moved on and never investigated at that time.  I'm more surprised that with all the web searches I did about this, I didn't find a reference to the links supplied in the answers I received here.  Andrei and Salman again thanks.

Using the -t option with the aptitude command, xombrero installed first try.  So far I like the changes I see with xombrero, except one(can not scroll through the tabs with the mouse scroll wheel as I did with xxxterm) -- not your problem!  Re-reading about apt, aptitude and synaptic, so hopefully I won't be bothering you again with stuff I should have already been aware of. I believe I got way to complacent using synaptic most of the time.  I'll be fixing that.

Best to all,


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