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Re: remove owncloud from wheezy-bpo

Am Sonntag, 23. November 2014, 12:59:06 schrieb Martin Steigerwald:
> Am Donnerstag, 20. November 2014, 11:07:05 schrieb David Prévot:
> > Hi,
> Hi David,
> > Le 20/11/2014 07:00, Martin Steigerwald a écrit :
> > > Am Mittwoch, 19. November 2014, 17:17:34 schrieb David Prévot:
> > >> A proper APT pinning is IMHO highly preferable. It could be a three
> > >> lines file like:
> > >> 
> > >> $ cat /etc/apt/preferences.d/testing
> > >> Package: *
> > >> Pin: release a=testing
> > >> Pin-Priority: 150
> > > 
> > > This is no proper pinning for machines that use wheezy-backports package
> > > cause it will upgrade all wheezy-backports packages to jessie
> > 
> > That’s an incorrect statement (any priority 100 <= P < 500 would do),
> > please have a better look at the  apt_preferences(5) man page before
> > spreading false information. Feel free to actually test it, and look at
> > the “apt-cache policy $package“ output to get what is going on (it may
> > help debugging in case something unexpected exist in your system).
> I highly dislike your tone. Before assuming I spread false information, how
> about first investigation what is happening on my system?
> But I also agree that my "This is no proper" may have offended you as well –
> as I boldy claimed the truth myself there.
> So lets see what I get on my system here and how this fits with the
> apt_preferences manpage in *my* point of view and interpretation:

[… apt upgrading all packages from wheezy-backports to testing as long as 
testing has higher priority as wheezy-backports …]

> On any account I would find a owncloud backport, even with limited
> functionality more desirable than a mixture of testing and wheezy on a
> *server*. Still I also want the security updates and thus I moved owncloud
> to jessie meanwhile.
> However even with apt-get install -t testing owncloud it just installed
> libjs- underscore owncloud packages. I may look into manually upgraded
> owncloud dependencies to jessie as well now.

I did this with all php and libjs packages and now I only have these remaining 
at wheezy-backports:

mondschein:~> apt-show-versions | grep backport | cut -d"/" -f1

So seems I am set for now as long as I ignore this systemd related packages 
apt-get wants to install maybe due to them being set as essential, I did not 
yet verify this.

> So while I see that testing above wheezy-backports eases upgrade of owncloud
> with all its dependencies at least on my system it would also upgrade all
> other wheezy-backport packages to testing as well which is not what I want.

Heck, maybe I just upgrade the box completely to Jessie in one of the next 

However, unless Owncloud upstream provides security updates for version 7 for 
a long enough time, in some way switching to a newer version of Owncloud 
during Jessie lifetime may as well be needed. But well, it could be handled 
similarily to iceweasel probably.

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