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Jessie Freeze and Backports Uploads

     Hi everyone!

 I take it you are aware that Jessie is in freeze now.  No package will
migrate automatically to jessie anymore, every upload requires a freeze
exception to be accepted into jessie.  In that light I encourage
everyone who plans to upload a newer version of a package to
wheezy-backports to only do so like usual only after they have migrated
to jessie to make sure that the upgrade path from wheezy + backports to
jessie without backports just works.  wheezy-backports will be switched
to a policy queue just like we have it with squeeze-backports so that
updates there need to get approved by the team to reduce the possibility
of mistaken uploads.

 The question might pop up, when will wheezy-backports-sloppy and
jessie-backports get opened.  The current answer to that is: please be
patient.  I can understand the wish for it, but it isn't that easy to
get the build setup done properly while jessie isn't finalized yet
(toolchain wise, but also simple limited human resources), and we are
currently still discussing whether and if how we can get rid of the
superfluous trailing 0 to be able to use ~bpo8 als suffix without
running into any upgrade issues.

 We currently have 27 packages in squeeze-backports-sloppy, done by 21
people.  The only possible way that I see to use ~bpo8 as suffix instead
of ~bpo80 is when we can get people to use ~bpo7 for uploads to
wheezy-backports-sloppy, so that it gets sorted properly.  Uploads to
wheezy-backports will NOT be affected by this, they still should use

 I am seeking your input on this topic whether you consider this a
possible solution to address this, and if we should carry this out.

 Short table for suggested overview:

 Upload to               |   used version suffix
 wheezy-backports        | ~bpo70+1
 wheezy-backports-sloppy | ~bpo7+1
 jessie-backports        | ~bpo8+1

 If people consider this too much error prone, we can stick to
continuing with ~bpo80 instead.  Please let me know of your thoughts on
this topic.

 Thanks you all for your efforts,
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