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Backporting version not in testing

So the rules are to upload to backports only what is in testing to allow
for a smooth upgrade from old stable with backports to current stable
without backports.

Now my motivation for backporting the Anki package I maintain is its
network syncing feature. It is a flash card learning system that can
work by itself, but one its major features is that it can sync the cards
to a server maintained by upstream so you can continue learning on
another computer, through the web interface or on Android devices and

The problem is that upstream changes the syncing for older versions of
the program often. The current version in testing destined to be
released with jessie is already broken in that regard.

What I intend to do is offer current versions in backports so that
stable users would finally have Anki with working network sync, but
there's no point if I have to limit myself to testing at least until the
freeze is over. Any user who would update to jessie on release day would
still immediately need a backports version of Anki to make it work fully

So do I just ignore this rule then?


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