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Re: Bug#753802: gns3: unable to install on wheezy-backports - missing backport of dynamips

Hi Paul,

On 18/07/14 19:21, Paul Gevers wrote:
> On 18-07-14 16:35, Daniel Lintott wrote:
>> I shall give this time once again and after that I fear I shall have to
>> give up on backports and have the package that is currently broken
>> removed from the archive.
> Build, signed and uploaded. I trust that you follow this package in
> backports as you are it's maintainer in Debian anyways.

Many thanks for the upload... I do indeed follow the package in backports,

I may be wrong but I believe the backports buildd's operate that same as
the main archive, which means the package won't be autobuilt due to
being non-free.

The package is autobuildable, thanks to work upstream to confirm the the
status of the microcode blobs[1], but I'm waiting for a reply from the
non-free release team to enable autobuilding.

Until autobuilding is possible, it would be nice to have at least
i386/amd64 packages.

I've also noticed in the backports new queue, that the changes since
stable are missing.




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