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Re: linux-image 3.15 in backports ?


On 30/06/14 08:05 AM, Florent B wrote:
> I'm not familiar with Debian's release procedures.
> I just would like to know how long will it take to get kernel 3.15 in
> backports for Wheezy ?
> What I understand is that it is actually in experimental branch.
> Any idea ?
> Thank you :)

There are no hard and fast rules, but in general it involves:

1. a 3.15 kernel upload to unstable needs to be made and accepted
2. some revisions of the package typically happen as the kinks are
worked out
3. a revision finally migrates to testing
4. a backport is made and uploaded some time after that

You can see the amount of time each step took for prior releases (which
may or may not be a good predictor of the time it takes for the current
release, as every release has its own unique challenges) at:


Look at "news" and the changelogs for bpo releases.

My ballpark estimate from a quick review of the past couple of releases
(I am not a Debian kernel dev, and have very little faith that past
release times are always a good indicator of future release times, so
take these numbers with a grain of salt! this is strictly based on the
numbers available on the above page) is that it could take about two
weeks from the appearance of the final 3.15 (non-pre#) release of a
kernel in experimental to the unstable upload, then another month for
subsequent uploads and final migration to testing, and another week
until the backports upload. So optimistically, about another month and a
half more. But ultimately, it takes however long it takes, and these
numbers could be skewed significantly by the particular technical
challenges of this release, availability of developer time to work on
the packages, etc.


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