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Backporting of cython - sent to the backports list this time


I've backported cython to squeeze and wheezy. There was a little bit
of work required for squeeze, but wheezy was trivial.

I've uploaded the packages to my own server as I have had trouble
uploading more than one version of a package at a time to

The notes I took for each backport are below, along with the URLs for
the .changes and .dsc files. These files have been signed with my key
"F2AE6AB9", which I don't think has entered the keyring yet, but has
been signed by 2 debian developers.

As the changes for squeeze were non trivial, I've included the diff as
well at the URL listed below.

I'm happy to receive feedback on the backporting and make any changes
required, otherwise if you are happy with them, I would really
appreciate you uploading them.

Thanks very much,


* Squeeze

Version: 0.19.1+git34-gac3e3a2-1~bpo60+1

- Added NEWS file to warn about FTBFS issues
- Had to remove python3-numpy as a build dependency as it is not
  available in squeeze.
- Had to remove python-numpy as a build dependency as the version
  available in squeeze is too old and causes the tests to fail due to
  incompatibilities calling numpy (buffer protocol).
- python-numpy and python3-numpy were only used for tests and the
  remaining tests all pass.
- Minor changes were needed to support python3. These were related to
  the naming of debug files.

Changes required to:
- debian/changelog
- debian/rules
- debian/control
- debian/NEWS
- debian/cython3-dbg.install

Changelog included since: 0.15.1-2


Diff from testing: http://jhh.no-ip.biz/backporting/cython-squeeze.diff

* Wheezy

Version: 0.19.1+git34-gac3e3a2-1~bpo70+1

- Trivial backport
- Added NEWS file to warn about FTBFS issues


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