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Bug#704228: dput: revert 561678 with respect to backports, also for wheezy

Package: dput
Severity: normal
Tags: patch


 Today I got notified by a backports contributer that he wasn't able to
upload to backports anymore.  While analying the issue I found out that
the following line in /etc/dput.cf is the cause, which was introduced
for fixing #561678:

allowed_distributions	= (?!UNRELEASED|.*-security|.*-backports)

 If at the time of filing the bugreport the backports or ftp teams would
had been asked whether they are fine with this blockage of backports
uploads to ftp-master you would have gotten the information about the
idea of integrating backports into the main archive, and dput wouldn't
work now against backports contributors. :/

 Accept this meta patch for /etc/dput.cf, needed to get applied three

-allowed_distributions	= (?!UNRELEASED|.*-security|.*-backports)
+allowed_distributions	= (?!UNRELEASED|.*-security)

 It would be really a good idea to get this change reverted for wheezy,
too.  Yes, the workaround for developers is easy, they can tweak their
dput.cf file themself (this is the main reason this mail goes out to the
debian-backports mailing list), but I'd rather like to see that we won't
need to tell (new) people to check their dput.cf in case they use dput.
 Thanks, and please, communicate with the teams you change something
for. :)


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