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Re: Bug#703633: debchange --bpo writes bpo60 in debian/changelog as version in wheezy

* Thomas Goirand <zigo@debian.org> [2013-03-26 07:54:24 CET]:
> On 03/22/2013 12:43 AM, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
> > I rather expect developers to
> > use either testing or unstable for their developing environment
> For doing some backports??? This doesn't make sense. Of course, you
> should expect developers to use stable, in order to do stable backports
> (or there's something missing here... like perhaps you expect developers
> to use a backported devscripts?).

 A stable chroot/environment for building the package, obviously, that's
nothing we have to discuss.  But not everyone has the benefit of being
able to have two working computers, and the regular development machine
on which I considered the source to get prepared would be
testing/unstable, otherwise it's not possible to test the regular
unstable uploads properly.

 Said that, Wouter pointed out to me privately that a "dch --bpo &&
debuild" for semi-automation makes sense.  But: that can be changed to

 dch -l~bpo70+ -Dwheezy-backports "Rebuild for wheezy-backports." && debuild

(maybe --force-distribution might be needed, and it even works for
updates to a backport, i.e. for ~bpo70+1 to ~bpo70+2)

 I still consider squeeze-backports as default being the proper way, and
for those who semi-automate the backport process, the switches are there
in dch for the other default.  Both approaches have their good reasons
to go, personally I rather would like to see squeeze-backports be kept
as default for the wheezy package, but this is no strong objection, it's
just a personal preference.

 tl;dr - both approaches work and have their reason.  Personally I
prefer squeeze-bpo from wheezy generated, but no strong objection here.

 So long,
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