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Re: RFS: redeclipse/1.4-1~bpo70+1 and redeclipse-data/1.4-1~bpo70+1

* Vincent Cheng <vincentc1208@gmail.com> [2013-03-26 00:21:57 CET]:
> On Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 9:09 AM, Martin Erik Werner
> <martinerikwerner@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I am interested in providing backports for Wheezy for new upstream
> > releases of Red Eclipse.
> >
> > New versions of Red Eclipse breaks compatibility with older versions
> > of servers and clients, so in order to find people to play with
> > online, it is pretty much a requirement to use the current version.
> You can only upload packages that are already in testing for
> wheezy-backports, i.e. for redeclipse specifically, you'll need to
> wait until wheezy is released and the version that you want to
> backport (1.4-1, currently in experimental) migrates to testing,
> _before_ uploading 1.4-1~bpo70+1 to wheezy-backports (this is to
> ensure a smooth upgrade path for users with backports enabled, to the
> next stable release).

 Well, not exactly.  Please read the announce about the addition of
wheezy-backports to the main archive, it contained information along the
lines of relaxed guidelines for these cases until jessie is created.

> If it is an absolute requirement for users to use the current version,
> you may want to consider filing a removal request for redeclipse 1.2
> from testing.

 One can always set up a server with the version in wheezy where people
can play on, I would assume?  So I think the situation is similar to
wesnoth or any other game that changes server compatibility during their

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