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Re: nagvis has a bad version in backports: newer than sid


* Andreas Beckmann <anbe@debian.org> [130211 23:51]:
> $ rmadison nagvis
>  nagvis | 1:1.4.6-1.1+squeeze1     | squeeze           | source, all
>  nagvis | 1:1.6.6+dfsg.1-2         | wheezy            | source, all
>  nagvis | 1:1.6.6+dfsg.1-2         | sid               | source, all
>  nagvis | 1:1.6.6+dfsg.1-3~bpo60+1 | squeeze-backports | source, all
> so there is no smooth upgrade path from squeeze-backports to wheezy

I just asked on #debian-release if I could get a freeze exception to
upload a package with a fixed version, and they are open to it. So I
hope to have that issue solved soonish.

Best regards,

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