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Re: can't install icedove-l10n-en-gb from squeeze-backport

On 2013-01-27 12:44, Philip wrote:
> I can't install icedove-l10n-en-gb from squeeze-backport

$ rmadison -a source -s squeeze,squeeze-backports,wheezy \
    icedove-l10n icedove
 icedove      | 3.0.11-1+squeeze12 | squeeze           | source
 icedove      | 10.0.11-1          | wheezy            | source
 icedove      | 10.0.12-1~bpo60+1  | squeeze-backports | source
 icedove-l10n | 1:3.0.10-1         | squeeze           | source
 icedove-l10n | 1:3.1.10-1~bpo60+1 | squeeze-backports | source
 icedove-l10n | 1:10.0.10-1        | wheezy            | source

IMO, icedove and icedove-l10n in backports should be kept in sync to be
installable ... but they don't look to be in sync for wheezy, too.
(Matching major may be sufficient, I don't know anything about the
specifics of icedove depedencies.)

Anyway, icedove-l10n (1:10.0.10-1) can be rebuilt in squeeze without
problems. (But I don't plan to upload a backport of a package that I
don't use, can't test properly and generally don't care for.)


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