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Re: Wheezy freeze and squeeze-backports-sloppy

* Holger Levsen <holger@layer-acht.org> [2013-01-02 13:46:09 CET]:
> I'm waiting for sloppy-backports too, as I'd like to provide a newer
> piuparts version there.

 I can totally relate to that, and there are other people also waiting
for it, you are not alone with that.

> Whats holding it up?

 Unfortunately my last question went unanswered, so I can only assume
that the overlap of the buildd team with the release team and thus
release related work is the bottle neck here.  It's well understood that
they want to put their efforts into getting wheezy out instead of doing
tedious work for setting up the buildd chroots, at least from what I was
told.  Questions along the lines on how to be able to help to reduce the
pain with setting those up is the specific question that I got no
answers to. :/

 Sorry, there is nothing I could do besides helping reduce wheezy RCs
from the little information we are given.

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