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Re: Request for upgrading drupal7 [backports] package


Laurent Bigonville wrote:
> It would be nice if the drupal7 package could be updated to 7.14-1.1.
> This revision is containing a security fix.

Indeed. But then again, that's an NMU and the backports previously
were from the same maintainer as the normal package. So maybe someone
else than Luigi should care about the backport. Gunnar (who did the
NMU for Sid/Wheezy) seems to be willing to also do the
backport. Cc'ing him.

Luigi, are you busy at the moment? I was used to quite prompt replies
and in-time Drupal updates as well as in-time backports in the past,
but I haven't seen any replies, etc. from you for a few months now.

JFYI: The drupal7 backports seem to have been pure rebuilds in the
past. So for those who are eager to get the security fixes as a .deb,
the package from Wheezy is an option, even on Squeeze. Works fine for
me on Squeeze (and did so before there were backports of drupal7).

I though would be happy to see a proper backport (i.e. rebuild)
nevertheless, e.g. for those who want the comfort of APT. :-)

		Regards, Axel
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