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Re: libreoffice-writer: Always crashes when I deleted a part of an odt document


On Tue, Aug 21, 2012 at 04:22:33PM +0200, rpnpif wrote:
> I haved copied and pasted a part of an HTML page from Firefox in a blank page of Writer.
> I removed linkages (Edit) from Web images and I saved in Panneaux_plante.odt 
> (attached to this report).
> When I delete part between the sentence "Une hausse du rendement pourrait 
> peut-être la relancer..." and the word Partager included, LO crashed.

That might not be a LO bug per se but a bug which is caused by LO with squeezes
libs (we had that in OOo times, too for example). So an updated backport wouldn't
necessarily help.
> The release (Build ID: 932b512) from upstream has not this issue.
> Please upgrade.

There's no way a *backport* is going to be upgraded for something which will not be in
wheezy - for one which isn't even in sid.
backports.org has rules. That means no backports from *experimental*. (Actually it says
backport from *testing*.)

What about 3.5.4? It's in testing and I'll upload a backport of this now...



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