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advise on backporting firebird2.1


I need to use firebird2.1 from wheezy on squeeze so I plan on 
preparing a backport. There are two bumps on the road:

 * multiarch
   building on plain squeeze requires dropping a versioned (build-)dependency 
   on libfirebird2, which can only be satisfied in wheezy. the 
   dependency ensures that used libfirebird2 is multi-arch ready
 * hardening
   dropping three patches, reverting small changes in debian/rules and 
   dropping a versioned dpkg-dev dependency fixes this, but the 
   hardened build flags are no longer used

Alternate road would be to backport firebird2.5 (giving sufficiently 
new libfbclient2) and build-depending on backported dpkg-dev for 
hardenning support.

What would you advise?

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