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Re: libreoffice: Libreoffice Writer makes segfaults with a .doc file


On Sun, Jun 17, 2012 at 10:13:45AM +0200, rpnpif wrote:
> Opening Sujet-0-STI2D-LGV-version-V8.doc makes ever segfaults.

So just some specific doc...

> [ 5824.295188] soffice.bin[11167]: segfault at 26 ip ada0764f sp bfcf17b0 error 4 in libmswordli.so[ad93c000+161000]
> [ 5923.827206] soffice.bin[11325]: segfault at 26 ip ad09464f sp bfd7efc0 error 4 in libmswordli.so[acfc9000+161000]
> [ 6727.059514] soffice.bin[11600]: segfault at 26 ip ad13c64f sp bfeffb80 error 4 in libmswordli.so[ad071000+161000]
> I cannot publish this file but I can sent it in private mode. It is similar to 
> its pdf version here : 
> http://www.besancon.snes.edu/IMG/pdf/Sujet-0-STI2D-LGV-version-V8.pdf
> This issue does not exist with OpenOffice 3.3.0.

Sorry, this backport is a dead end and it will just be kept uptodate with
eventual security fixes, Nothing more.

This bug only makes sesne if you reported it against 3.5. (and OpenOffice 3.3.0
didn't exist in Debian ever).



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