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Re: Supported PostgreSQL versions in squeeze

Re: Thorsten Glaser 2012-06-01 <[🔎] alpine.DEB.2.02.1206011350240.8360@tglase.lan.tarent.de>
> > This also means that packages using pg_buildext to build PostgreSQL
> > modules will now automatically have backports for 8.4 and 9.1 modules.
> But only if they build-depend on postgresql-common (>= the version that
> is in squeeze), right? IIRC, backports are not pulled in for B-D reso-
> lution automatically.

Good point (with s/>=/>>/).

Modules using pg_buildext do already build-depend on some of the more
recent versions, though, because these introduced some new
features/bugfixes, so this will automatically hold for the existing
packages. We should probably write this down in some place (or maybe
tell lintian about it) for future packagers.

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