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Re: [Pkg-x2go-devel] Backporting libssh to squeeze

Hi Reinhard,

On Fr 27 Apr 2012 16:17:37 CEST Reinhard Tartler wrote:

From my first investigation, only two packages, remmina and
kdebase-runtime, seem to link against libssh in squeeze. As I don't
extensively use either of them (and KDE not at all), I'd like to hear
your opinion about backporting libssh. Do you expect any problems with
this? If not, would you mind if I uploaded the backported package to

All my Debian systems have X2Go client installed on Debian squeeze. The packages are taken from packages.x2go.org which also offers a backported version of libssh (0.4.7-1.1) for squeeze.

I also use remmina to cross-check NX compatibility from time to time. This also works fine and causes no errors. In KDE environment have neither seen any problems with SSH related stuff, though I am not sure what part of KDE uses the linking against libssh.

I've cc'ed the debian-backports list to give their regulars the chance
to raise their concerns. I haven't found libssh to be discussed in the
mailing list archives, but better safe than sorry.

Great! Reinhard, thanks for the taking the initiative on this.



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