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Re: libreoffice: US Letter selected when A4 present in /etc/papersize

Quoting A Bug Reporter (abugreporter@gmail.com):

> There are a large number of heuristics that could be used to to
> figure out which paper format is likely desired by the user as a
> default. The UI could also reflect a checkmark somewhere saying that

Yes. There is something called LC_PAPER and there are things call
locales that are meant for this.

What is the output of "locale" on your system?

> There are just so many ways to solve it that it boggles the mind
> that something as simple as printing a document, something which
> worked in Microsoft Word97  (that's 15 years ago (!)) still doesn't
> work on Debian.
> Some developer from LibreOffice is hereby invited to explain how
> they managed to get into that situation. For Debian about the same
> thing holds: how can you release something in this state?

Who are you to give such orders to volunteer developers? The day you
have done more than just one percent of the work done by the LO
maintainer in Debian (Rene, who you are talking to), or by the LO
developers, to make this software happen, then I think you'll be
entitled to point fingers and give lessons. Before this, I'm afraid
that your above sentence is....just inappropriate.

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