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DM uploads


with the changes I did this weekend I think I also made DM uploads to
the backports archive working. The technical conditions[1] for that are

 - key in the DM keyring
 - package uploaded once to backports having the DMUA header

so every DM needs a sponsor for the first upload to bpo.

As of now this is untested, and though I think it works, a test would be
helpful. That needs a DM who has one of the packages in the archive
already, including the DMUA header and having themself mentioned as
uploader. (And of course, a valid new revision to upload to bpo).

If you have that, now or whenever, upload and see if it gets
through. Ping me on either IRC or by mail if it doesnt, complete with a
description what you did and what came out. Thanks.

[1] As said, thats technical. It is up to the backports team if there is
any regulation otherwise. Possibly good is maintaining the Uploaders
field when you do a backport...

bye, Joerg
<exa> look i can't afford to to any more work without becoming a DD

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