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Re: Request for backports of xserver-xorg-{input-vmmouse,video-geode}


intrigeri <intrigeri@boum.org> (30/11/2011):
> While most of what Tails need is already in squeeze-backports, we also
> ship two packages that are currently missing; namely:
> xserver-xorg-input-vmmouse and xserver-xorg-video-geode. The former is
> at least useful when run under VirtualBox and the later is needed to
> support some older "thin clients" and netbooks.
> Would anyone be kind enough to help Tails by backporting those two
> packages?

backporting the former should be easy. I almost never touched Geode, you
may want to talk to its maintainer (not us, added to Cc). If packaging
is standard(ish), I could also backport it if its maintainer doesn't
want to do it.

> By the way, I'd be glad to hear about your plans for the XSF Squeeze
> backports. (These packages are currently a bit older than the ones in
> testing; I very well understand this may on purpose, waiting for
> better, newer version that would be more suitable for backporting, or
> this may be because the packages in testing don't bring enough
> improvements to be worth the backporting effort, or because nobody
> asked, or whatever.)

(All of the above.)

> Anyway, before we supply these backports to Tails users, I'd like to
> hear if you feel you'll be in a good position to maintain these
> backports during the Squeeze lifetime.

1.11 is still getting regular bugfixes (see last upload), so we may want
to wait before updating the backports. But well, 1.10 seems to work for
many users. So I've been wondering whether to provide another overlay
suite in a private repository, which would supplement squeeze-backports,
so that interested users can switch to a 1.11 server.


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