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Request: icedove 8


This is a feature request for the Debian Mozilla team, so I'm hoping
someone of the team is following this ML, since they are (somewhat)

I would like to request an update of icedove in the Mozilla-repo. Not
because of the higher version number, but because the lightning plugin
(calendar) has made some leaps over the past few versions, and now that
plugin has reached version 1.0.

Sadly, Lightning 1.0 is only compatible with icedove 8.0 and above...

Installing icedove from Experimental suggests a load of dependencies to
be upgraded, of which I'm confident that they could mess up my

(and all of this because Evolution has shown dependently to be instable
when having to deal with large caldav-collections, which lightning
should be able to handle better)

THX for a listening ear.

Kind regards,
Vincent Van Houtte
Advocatenkantoor Suy, Van Baeveghem & Van Houtte
Brusselsestraat 108
T 052520605
F 052520646
W http://synergylaw.be

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