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Re: dpkg_1.16.1.1~bpo60+1_i386.changes REJECTED


Raphael Hertzog wrote (02 Nov 2011 15:32:39 GMT) :
> Well, I prepared this upload to make it easier to prepare other backports.
> Given that debhelper depends on dpkg-dev >= 1.16.1 and that many packages
> already start using debhelper compat level 9 in order to support hardening
> build flags, I think it's important to have the latest dpkg-dev available.

FWIW, I asked Raphaël a few days ago about his timing for this
backport (that was announced on -devel [1]) for this very reason:
this version of dpkg not being available in the backports repository
is the only reason that blocks me from replacing hardening-wrapper
with the new dpkg -based hardening build flags in packages I maintain.

I wholeheartedly understand, and support, Gerfried's concerns about
not making the backports troublesome. I feel Raphael explained why
this specific backport should not bring trouble. I volunteer to run
this backported dpkg on a few Squeeze boxes for some time, before it's
accepted into the backports repositories, in case such real-life
testing can help.

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2011/09/msg00001.html

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