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libreoffice table issue


Libreoffice: Debian package 1:3.3.3-4~bpo60+1
Debian Squeeze

I have created templates using 'tables', templates are a full page table with 
borders, cell formatting.

After switching from OO 3.2.1 in stable the copy/cut>paste fuction in tables has 
become erratic. When  I copy/cut a column of data , pasting into another column 
results in all data being placed in one cell. Doing an 'undo' and repeating works 
after 1-3 tries.  Doesn't do this everytime, but copy/cut >paste is a large part 
of my use. 

i dl'd ver 3.3.4 from LO's site, it works fine for me. 

I have tried  ver 3.4.3, in a Wheezy VM, but it has a bug in the table border line 
weight, at least for double lines. Could  be related  to bug # 38542 at 

Options that work here 
1. use OO as released with Squeeze.
2. use the  3.3..4 ver from LO's site.



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