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Re: fglrx-squeeze

Hi! Sorry for the late reply, but I wasn't watching the list. Forgetfulness!

On 07/10/2011 01:39 PM, Patrick Matthäi wrote:
> There is no source code available for your backport, also the version
> number is not bpo'ished.

The source code can be checked out from SVN. But see below.
The version number, it corresponds to the private apt-repo I am
maintaining, I didn't want to use an official revision number until we
were accepted. I'll figure out what the backports' revision numbers must be.

> The third problem would be, that we need the allownes of one of the
> backports-ftp-masters to upload a slighty modified package which is not
> in testing. The changes of fglrx 11-4 => 11-6 and xorg multiarch support
> are just to big:
> me@gnu:~/Coding/fglrx/fglrx-driver$ diff -Naur tags/11-4-2/debian
> trunk/debian --exclude=.svn|diffstat|tail -n 1
>  48 files changed, 1054 insertions(+), 1332 deletions(-)

Sorry, I don't understand this part. According to aptitude, 1:10-9-3 is
in Squeeze right now. Where does 11-4 come in? And what do you mean a
slightly modified version?

Is it an insurmountable problem that there are so many changes? I am
thinking, that since many people will use Squeeze with a new video card,
the will need an up-to-date driver. I think this is the idea of
backports. And I can verify that e.g. 11-6 does build and run on Squeeze.

> So please upload a correct version with source code (dget'able) and then
> I can diff through the changes and say, if it is correct, after that
> ftp-masters have to decide.

I am unfamiliar with dget until now. I will read the manual of course,
but I assume that an apt repository will do? Or a plain http site? There
are two options for an apt repo. The first is Debian mentors, where I
have an account, the second is a private apt-repo run from my home, with
all the connectivity issues that go with that. What do you prefer?

Best regards,
    Panayiotis Karabassis

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