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Re: Libre Office Transitional packages

Op dinsdag 21-06-2011 om 16:33 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef Rene
> On Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 04:10:11PM +0200, Vincent Van Houtte wrote:
> > There is only one (very apparent) bug: the window decorations in
> > libreoffice-writer are gone (I'm using compiz with gtk-decorator) and
> Compiz. Do I have so say anything more?

Strange then that libreoffice-calc and all other (libreoffice-)apps
don't suffer from compiz, but only libreoffice-writer. If I start the
libreoffice-apps from the gnome menu, then they have window decorations
(except for libreoffice-writer) - if I start the apps from the
libreoffice-window, none of them have window decorations.

> > the whole Libreoffice-suite doesn't respect the gtk-theme I've selected
> > in gnome.
> Do you have libreoffice-gtk installed?

Apparently not, but I had openoffice-gtk installed before I upgraded to
libreoffice. That uninstall excaped my attention...

> (And why do you "hijack" this  thread?)

I must admit that my email served two purposes:

1. Answer to the OP'er that following the solution suggested by aptitude
is harmless, and that those transitional packages are not absolutely
necessary (maybe libreoffice-gtk is an exception to that).

2. Submitting a bugreport.

Because of [1], I don't really consider this hijacking the thread, but
if it is, I didn't mean to.

Anyway, thank you for solving half of my problem.

Kind regards,
Vincent Van Houtte

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