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Backporting autojump


I am the maintainer of the autojump package, a Bash and Zsh extension to
provide quick way to change directory. I uploaded it during the freeze
so it is not available in Squeeze. I think it may interest people to
have a convenient way to install it on stable systems, for instance
servers operated by command line. Given its dependencies it is very
possible to grab the testing/sid package and install it on a stable, but
this is not the most friendly possible way. :-)

So, I would like to backport it. I am a Debian Maintainer, and I read
that there is some kind of experimental DM support to be tested: I am
willing to test it.

Now that the backports have become an official Debian service, are bug
reports still sent to the backports ML rather than to the BTS? I usually
manage my bugs through the BTS, and I really do not want to subscribe to
a list that I would not read because almost all its traffic consists in
messages that I do not care about. Of course I could subscribe, and
simply trash all the messages except the ones containing “autojump” on
the subject, but this looks a bit dirty, doesn't it?


: /` )   Tanguy Ortolo <xmpp:tanguy@ortolo.eu> <irc://irc.oftc.net/Elessar>
| `-'    Debian Maintainer

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