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Backport of Nginx 1.0.1 from Wheezy to Squeeze

Hi everybody.

This is my first mail on this mailing list, so I introduce myself a little bit.

I'm Cyril Lavier, 24 years old System Administrator for France, and I like doing Debian packaging.

This time, I tried to backport from wheezy to squeeze the nginx suite of packages.

I uploaded it to mentors : http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/n/nginx/

I did not change the Maintainer field, because I don't know if I have to do this, and also I respect the work of the official maintainer and I don't want to "steal" his work.

By the way, I published the compiled package to my own repository called "DDB" : http://ddb.davromaniak.eu/

It also contains a backport of the chromium (the browser) suite (with package renaming, and 2 libs needed), but it comes from Sid, so it's not eligible for backporting to Squeeze, just need to wait until it arrives in Wheezy.


Cyril "Davromaniak" Lavier

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