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Re: Upcoming xorg-server upload

Hi Jesse.

Jesse Hathaway <jesse@mbuki-mvuki.org> (25/05/2011):
> I understand that the prospect of backporting more the 50 source
> packages is a large burden on the XSF team, but I would encourage
> the team to revisit the decision not to backport all of Xorg.

You may want to keep the team in Cc if you want to talk to them.

> There are couple of reasons why backporting the entire stack is
> preferable.


There are couple of reasons why having more people in the team is
preferable. One would be a better support in testing/unstable. Another
would be being able to backport anything.

Until that happens, I will stick to my original plan. Unless other
team members disagree; but given it's more or less an empty set…


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