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RFS: rgbpaint (first backport upload)

Dear all,

the package "rgbpaint" entered unstable from NEW in the
beginning of March, and has yesterday entered testing.
Since some members on Debian-Edu expressed their
interest in this software, back in November when I
did a survey to establish an interest in this entry
level painting program, I believe it to be of value
as a backported piece also for Debian 6.0.

In addition, during the past half day, since the
package entered testing, the popcon increased from
twelve to eighteen, a fifty percent increase in
a few hours. This might be a good sign!

The package has been deposited at mentors.d.o
as is usual. It needed no changes whatsoever
in producing the backport:


The DSC file is quickly located:


In the hope of getting this package reviewed,
I send my best regards,

  Mats Erik Andersson, DM

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