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some Debian newbie backports questions

Dear backporters,

	I'm new to backporting so please be patient if my questions are already
answered somewhere else and I did not find it. My questions are:

Building my package on testing currently requires debhelper (>= 7.1) which is
obviously newer than the version in stable - should rather the depedency be
lowered to 7.0.15 ignoring the

dpkg-gencontrol: warning: unknown substitution variable ${misc:Depends}

messages or should the package rather build-depend on the debhelper version
from backports?

Further lintian throws some messages:

W: openswan-modules-source: unknown-section kernel
W: openswan-modules-dkms: unknown-section kernel
E: openswan-doc: postinst-does-not-call-installdocs usr/share/doc-base/openswan
E: openswan-doc: prerm-does-not-call-installdocs usr/share/doc-base/openswan
W: openswan-dbg: unknown-section debug

Can/should they be ignored and if not what would be the correct sections/fix?

Thanks for your time
Harald Jenny

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