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Re: backports.org moved to backports.debian.org

On 2010-09-05 Alexander Wirt <formorer@debian.org> wrote:
> After several years of slacking :) by everybody involved it finally happened:
> backports.org has become backports.debian.org. For that to happen several
> things had to get changed and streamlined, so please make sure to read this
> announcement to avoid too many surprises.


congratulations on the move.

Is it possible that due to this change I ended up being
suscribed to both debian-backports@lists.debian.org and
debian-backports-changes@lists.debian.org? I did not subscribe, and
the timing is very suspicious.

I would not completely rule out the possibility that I was subscribed
to backports-users@lists.backports.org with disabled delivery (to get
around the moderation, which might explain how ended with this
subscription. (Import of subscriber list in a system that does not
understand subscribers without delivery), but -changes leaves me

I have successfully unsubscribed from -users, but am still wondering
how I stop -changes, smartlist is telling me I am not subscribed
there and fails to unsubscribe me.

It is no big deal, I have already sent out unsubscribe requests, just
cu andreas

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