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Re: initramfs-tools not installable

Excerpts from Touko Korpela's message of Wed May 26 13:29:51 +0200 2010:

> initramfs-tools version 0.94.4~bpo50+1 can't be installed because it has
> wrong Breaks header that conflicts with cryptsetup in Lenny.

Still broken. Any chance to get this fixed soon?
I'm trying linux-image-2.6.32-bpo.5-amd64 in preparation for an
upgrade to squeeze, but using that kernel my USB keyboard doesn't work
during the passphrase prompt (whole-disk encryption). It seems some
necessary modules are not loaded early enough as a PS/2 keyboards works
during the passphrase and the USB keyboard starts working shortly
afterwards (when it gets recognized by the input layer).
I'd like to check whether this bug has been already fixed in the squeeze
version of initramfstools.



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