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Re: Backport latest kernel (2.6.32-5) not working (for me)

> ==========================
> Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2010 17:50:24 -0400
> From: Andres Cimmarusti <acimmarusti@gmail.com>
> To: Mauro Condarelli <MC5686@mclink.it>
> Subject: Re: Backport latest kernel (2.6.32-5) not working (for 
> me)
> ==========================
> In the Xorg0.log that you sent me previously vesa was being used.
> It's unfortunate this driver got broken by installing a newer 
> kernel.
> If you don't want to use nvidia's proprietary driver, then you 
> have
> one option:
> Install a newer kernel from experimental (or pristine sources). I've
> ...
> For compiling a kernel from upstream sources (pristine) you can follow
> these steps:
> ...

T H A N K S !!

It took some time, but now:

mcon@server:~$ uname -a
Linux server #1 SMP Fri Jul 23 09:58:16 CEST 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux

.. and I'm typing in google chrome :D

If deemed useful I can help You backport people understand why the backport kernel fails for me.
I can do kernel compilations and such, even if I dropped the habit long ago ;)

Right now I reverted to the stock kernel + this self-compiled.

Then I'll need to convince my WiFi to work, but that's another story.

Again: many Many MANY THANKS

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