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Re: Not possible to upload '3.0 (quilt)' sources

Roger Leigh schrieb am Sunday, den 27. June 2010:


> When trying to upload a backport of a source package using
> the new '3.0 (quilt)' source format, it was rejected.
> Rejected: Unknown distribution `unstable'.
> Rejected: schroot_1.4.5-1~bpo50+1.debian.tar.gz: should be 1.4.5-1~bpo50+1
> +according to changes file.
> Rejected: schroot_1.4.5-1~bpo50+1.dsc: unknown format '3.0 (quilt)'.
> I'd mucked up the distribution, I know, but it would be nice if
> it was possible to backport existing source packages.
That was discussed several times on this list and is also documented on the
contribution document. Currently no 3.0 on bpo, see the contribution document
on how converting the source. 


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