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Linux Debian installation via USB pen

Dear Sir,

I would like first to thank you for your work, making Debian, since many years with backport one of the best Linux distro over the world.

Since I would like to install Debian on a machine that has no cdrom, nor floppy to book, I have one solution which consist in using the usb port and boot the PC using a pendrive bootable. Since I am not skilled enough for making me a pendrive for installing Debian stable or testing (whatever may work), would you have in your backport an 
image of debian-testing-pendrive.img for any /dev/sda that sure is capable to install Debian. After many tentatives, I have today no solutions for installing Linux Debian.

I have tried several things like dd if=image-debian-live of=/dev/sda  
it can boot the debian live, but still it hangs due to my old hardware whcih is not recognized.

Hopeless, I sent you this email.

Best regards / Yours sincerely

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