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Backporting Bazaar-related packages to Lenny?


  As part of Alioth maintenance (among others), I'm interested in
backports of a few Bazaar-related packages, namely bzr, bzrtools,
bzr-svn and loggerhead.  I'm currently building those packages in a
Lenny chroot, hopefully they won't need too many changes.  If I get them
to a working state, I will certainly upload them to a personal
repository, but if there's widespread interest in them, I guess I could
also upload them to backports.org.

  Any thoughts, comments, words of warning?  Is anyone else already
working on these packages?

Roland Mas

C   c e    e l    m  re q   j  l   a l  l  iè e  .
  -- Signatures à collectionner, série n°1, partie 3/3.

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