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OpenOffice.org Calc Problems

After installing OOo from Backports, Calc had these two 

In spreadsheets where a column header is formated to 
wrap and/or uses a larger than normal font, the row 
will change height so the text fits. If I close Calc 
then open the saved spreadsheet, the row height 
returns to the default (this did not happen in the 
prior version of Calc).

If I change a  format setting, like the option to use 
Printer Metrics, the row height will snap to the 
correct height on wrapped cells or those with a large 
font. However, if I close Calc then again open the 
saved spreadsheet, the row height also goes back the 
default height.

In either case, I have to manually resize the row 
height on those rows that have wrapped or large text.

A spreadsheet that has cells linked to another 
spreadsheet will first only open in read-only mode. If 
I close the linked spreadsheet then open it again, it 
will open in normal (edit) mode.

I am running Lenny AMD64 with KDE 3.5. As best as I can 
tell, I also have the correct required packages for 
OOo. I am sort of new to Debian/Linux so I manually 
checked Aptitude for the required packages listed for 
the OOo packages. I could have missed something or it 
could be a real bug.

Since I require compatitbility with Excel (and other MS 
Office apps), I have never used OOo in its native file 
format. Since neither of these problems existed in the 
OOo version from the main Debian Lenny repository, I 
did not expect such problems to appear with the 
backport of the newer OOo version.

Thank you for looking into this.


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