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Re: Backport of perlprimer.

Charles Plessy schrieb am Saturday, den 27. March 2010:

> I have uploaded a backport of the perlprimer package to the backports.org NEW
> queue. PerlPrimer's main functionality is to assist researchers in designing
> some molecular biology experiments, and as a side functionality it can retreive
> data from a public repository (“Ensembl”). This repository changes its URL API
> from time to time. Therefore, the perlprimer package in Lenny can not connect
> anymore. The most straightforward solution is to provide a backport of the
> current version in Unstable, since there has been no other significant change
> usptream apart from URL API corrections.
This sound more like a case for volatile, but anyhow unstable is wrong. We
don't accept packages from unstable (except for some rare exceptions). 


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