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collectd memory leaks


I've been using 4.6.3-1~bpo50 on amd64.
Thanks for this backport, it's great to have it available.

I find that the unixsock.so library has a big memory leak in my
use case - I'm using unixsock to send collectd data to nagios3.

The leak and a patch for it are mentioned here:

I've applied the patch and rebuilt, this helps quite a bit.
Question: is it possible to apply this to the bpo version?

However there seems to be a further leak; this seems to be triggered
if one of the rrd files the listening collectd is writing out gets corrupted.
In syslog I see messages like
 /var/lib/collectd/rrd/<somehost>/cpu-0/cpu-nice.rrd' is not an RRD file
and the memory use of the collectd processes (ps_vm in the 'processes'
plot) on the listener host steadily increases while these occur.
Removing the offending files (they are recreated as valid rrd files
automatically, though one looses the history) stops the memory usage growing.
I haven't looked into plugging this leak.

It appears that more memory leaks were fixed in 4.9, which is now in
testing. Are there plans for version 4.9 being backported - are there
big architectural changes that might complicate or block this?
It doesn't seem so from a quick look at the p.d.o pages.

Kind regards,

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