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Push mirroring request


Simon Paillard send us to you in order to ask a push synchronization for
We have a full backports.org mirror at http://debian.advalem.net with
IPv6 and all architecture.
Is it possible to set a push with syncproxy.backports.org?

I already set your id_bpo.pub from

host: debian.advalem.net
user: zonepro

Here are some information for the listing:

Site: debian.advalem.net
Type: Pushed
Archive-ftp: /backports.org/
Archive-http: /backports.org/
Archive-rsync: backports.org/
Mirrors-from: syncproxy.backports.org
Maintainer: Jean-Ann Guegan <jeanann.guegan@advalem.fr>,
Country: FR France
Location: Paris
Sponsor: Advalem Technologies Media Broadcast Center.
Comment: IPv6 Yes

Best regards.

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