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Re: Re: Any plan to accept Dpkg v3 source formats in backports.debian.org? (And pre-upload enquiry).

Alexander Wirt ha scritto:
> Charles Plessy schrieb am Monday, den 23. November 2009:
> Hi, 
>> I just realised that it is not possible to upload backports in the source v3
>> format. Is there any plan to open this possibility in this release cycle?
> Not since we also support etch. Also this would need several dak and buildd
> updates so don't expect that soon. 

How should I handle the beckport of a package in source format 3.0?

A changelog entry like:

  * Switched back to source format 1.0:
    - added quilt to build-depends
    - enabled quilt in debian/rules

is correct or is considered better to force format 1.0 removing the file
debian/source/format and letting dpkg-source to collapse all applied
patches in a big diff.gz?

Kind regards,

Marco Nenciarini

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